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Allen Edmonds McClain Custom Re-Craft and Collaboration Custom Dye Work

In this video of these awesome AE Shoes that we did a custom coloring on the good year welt, midsoles and stitching with a Dainite Rubber Sole and JR leather heel base what the shoes stand out as is but these shoes did not stop there. After we were done with them we had shipped them out to Alberto Suastez who did a custom dye job on the shoes to really make this shoe one of a kind. Once the shoes were done and amazing photos have been taken the creator of "The Shoe Snob Blog" Justin FitzPatrick had made an article featuring the shoes. Shop Allen Edmonds Shoes and Boots here: Be sure to check out the links bellow to Alberto and The Shoe Snob Blog article:

Alberto Suastez:



The Shoe Snob Blog Article:

Youtube link:

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