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Allen Edmonds Recraft with Vibram 430 mini lug soles GTO tank heels

Allen Edmonds Vibram

These Allen Edmonds recrafting was done with a Vibram 430 mini lug sole that gives these shoes great grip, traction and durability. With a nice fin line edge these shoes don’t need to look aggressive yet the lug pattern tread in the middle adds grip and traction. These shoes had a blue and green theme so we added a blue Vibram midsole, blue top stitching, green bottom stitching and a Blue GTO tank heel over a new leather stacked heel base. 
These shoes did come in with some DIY shoe repair work started on them however thankfully the owner of these shoes didn’t creat to much problems and was on the right track. The coloring is do to the owner also trying his hand at doing his own custom dye work on the leather uppers and requested that he finished that part himself (sorry Marcus Fisher maybe next time on thes Allen Edmonds shoe)

For this repair service here is the link:

Allen Edmonds Enthusiasts (AEE) Facebook group:


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