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Ariat Boot Recraft to a whole new level with Custom JR Vibram Soles and more

Ariat Boot resole is usually not something we do or recommend as it is usually just more cost effective to buy a new pair. However every now and then we get someone like the owner of these Ariat Boots who just absolutely wanted some custom Ariat Boots that are one of a kind. These boots needed the works as the have molded rubber soles originally and so to start we needed to replace the footbed with a leather one that would withstand having a leather midsole Blake stitched to the boot. The goal for these boots was to make them a Blake Rapped Stitch design. After we had to cut out a JR Leather sole that would fit these large boots and make our own custom combination sole that included a Vibram Lug soles. Add a new leather stacked heel base aka leather staked heel bloke top it off with a Vibram Lug heel and now you have a Custom Ariat Boot with a Blake Rapped Stitch JR / Vibram Combo Sole. Oh and we also did some patch stitching for the boots.



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