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Mens Christian Louboutin Shoes get a new Mirror Gloss Protective Sole (Sole Guard)

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They are some of the most well known shoes with there red bottoms.
Yes we are talking about Christian Louboutin shoes....
Now most popular are the lady's Christian Louboutin but every now and then we get in a pair of men's that just look amazing!
Regardless if they are men's or women's styles its always a good idea to protect the red bottoms color and the best way to do so is with a Casali Mirror Gloss Protective Sole also known as a sole guard.
For longer wear, better grip and saving those red bottom soles it is the best way to go.
Come check out our video on the process we take to add this amazing protective sole, touch up the heels with some Angelus Walk On Red Paint and talk about basic care and maintains of the suede shoes.
Youtube video link:

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