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Sole Talk Sunday Dainite Soles vs Vibram Eton 2055 Soles

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Not always is it that a leather sole works on a pair of nice dress shoes or boots.
This is where all the top brands such as Allen Edmonds, Edward Green, Alden and so much more bring in the British Made Soles known as the Dainite Rubber Soles.
A sole that has great grip, low profile and amazing durability. With this ribber sole you can keep the low profile dressy look on your footwear while having the comfort and grip of a pair of work boots.
This soles traction design is made for an amazing grip that wont pick up mud and slush like some types of tread patterns and has a nice smooth edge to for no shoe traction.
As time has gone by many companies have tried coping this sole with little to no success except one company.
Introducing the Vibram Eton Sole model number 2055.
This sole is made by the top rubber sole manufacturer in the world but this sole was not made to copy the Dainite but to only look like it making this sole almost an exact opposite.
The Vibram Eton has a design like the Dainite sole but has a softer rubber that has a little more cushion as well as grip on wet smooth surfaces perfect for city wear.
Between these to soles there has always been a question amongst shoe lovers and enthusiasts "witch sole is better?"
Well they are both great soles but in different aspects. Both are durable, grip well and look nice so the decision on what sole works best can only be decide by what you want and need.
For more details about these two soles check out the video we made for our Sole Talk Sunday for the Dainite vs Vibram Eton Soles:

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