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Sole Talk Sunday JR Leather Soles Joh. Rendenbach Oak Bark Tanned Soles

Best Leather Soles JR Leather JR Oak Bark Tanned JR Soles Oak Bark Tanned Pit Tanning Strong Leather Soles Top Quality Leather

With all the deferent types of soles out there we thought it may be a great idea to start a new segment on YouTube called "Sole Talk Sunday"
Where every week we will talk about deferent soles touching base on the durability, features, benefits and all the good and bad of each one.
To start if we had to bring up the best of the best first in the leather sole market.
JR Leather soles from Germany are truly the best and in this video we will touch base why it is the best and why those who want to keep the class of a leather sole but have the superior durability go for JR Leather soles every time.
A favorite choice by Enthusiasts of Allen Edmonds, Alden and Florcheim Imperial.
As well as some of the top shoe makers from Edward Green, John Lobb, Gaziano Girling and so much more of the high quality bespoke shoe makers around the world.
Youtube video Link:

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