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New Products Added!
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  • Weatherproof your work boots, hunting, or hiking gear
  • Protect your tack and saddle and keep your carriage in show condition
  • Condition your ball glove to keep it in the game for years
  • Treat your leather so it remains supple and conditioned for a lifetime
  • Clean, restore, or revive a fine leather item
  • Maintain your furniture, car, and motorcycle leather in tip-top shape

Pecard has what you need for leather care you can trust. All of our products are handcrafted in the USA with the finest ingredients to help your leather last a lifetime or longer!

We started in 1902 with the “Never Leak” promise for those working in the brutal cold of northern winters and have expanded so that our suite of Pecard products will treat every type of leather from Suede and NuBuck to Oil Tanned and Coated Leathers.