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Suede and Nubuck leathers are strong, durable, and a great option for shoes and boots but they need preventative care to keep them looking good. The biggest myth about suede and nubuck is that you cannot get them wet which is simply not true. If you care for suede and nubuck by conditioning it, waterproofing it, and cleaning spills and salt stains as soon as possible, suede is a great material for almost any weather. The most important issue is to treat your suede and nubuck shoes or boots when they are new and reapply conditioning and waterproofing sprays as soon as the leather is no longer water repellant (often every few months depending on how much you wear them). In addition, use a nylon brush for suede or a crepe brush for nubuck to gently remove dirt after each wear to keep your shoes and boots looking new all the time.

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