Lincoln E-Z Cleaner

Lincoln E-Z Cleaner

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Lincoln E-Z Cleaner is the original easy cleaner for both smooth leathers and suede/ nubuck. Use E-Z Cleaner and a soft brush (a new toothbrush works well) to remove dirt, smudges, and water spots from suede and nubuck shoes. Wipe smooth leather shoes down with E-Z Cleaner to get them cleaned up before you apply Lincoln Shoe Polish to make them shine! Other products on the market make you choose different cleaners for different textures, but E-Z Cleaner is effective on both. It also has a mild scent compared to the harsh spray treatments of some competing products. Don’t forget to try it on leather jacket collars and leather gloves!


Uses on leather or skin types:

Exotic Leathers and Skins- Works great and depending on leather type can lightly scrub with cloth, brush or both

Finished Leather- Works great using the cloth for light cleaning

Oiled Leather- Works great for cleaning and recommend using the brush to scrub leather and whip foam with cloth

Shell Cordovan- Works great with cloth. Do not use brush as it may scratch finish.

Suede or Nubuck- Works great with both suede and nubuck. Use brush to scrub but be sure to scrub whole surface, whip with cloth and let dry. Using for just spot treating may leave light to heavy water marks.


Note: Works great mixing with Angelus Desalter.