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About Us

I am Allen Trushkov the founder and owner of Cobblers Plus located in Denver Colorado. My family has owned a shoe repair business since 1991 and that is where I learned my skills and found my passion for serving customers.

As a second-generation cobbler, I decided to start Cobblers Plus in 2016 as an evolution of the original business and how I will continue the tradition of expert craftsmanship. In addition to running Cobblers Plus, I attend trade shows, participate in workshops, and engage with the larger cobbler community to keep my skills current and learn new techniques so that I can provide the best service to my customers.

I give back to the cobbler community and our customers by creating educational materials available on our YouTube channel, Instagram, and our blog. Please visit our social media outlets and give us a like, give us a follow, or suggest an idea for a future video, post, or article.

Cobblers Plus can take care of all your shoe needs, such as expert shoe repairs, refurbishment, and
customization. We also offer leather repair services for your purses, briefcases, and other leather goods.
Contact us to learn how we can help whether you are local to our shop or farther away.