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Allen Edmonds Vibram 1012 SILVATO Sole

Allen Edmonds Vibram 1012 SILVATO Sole

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Vibram is an Italian company that has been making rubber soles since 1937 and is well known in the shoe industry for making high quality products. The soles are manufactured in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Italy, and the United States. Vibram offers many options used by all types of manufacturers for new shoes and by thousands of cobblers for resoles and customizations. It’s rare there isn’t a Vibram option that will fit your needs.

Oil-resisting outsole for applications in work and the service industry. 

Goodyear Welted Style: all options compatible and optional EXCLUDING Blake Stitch Welt Replacement is NOT compatible. Shoes with plastic welts MUST have welts replaced.

Blake Stitched Style: Requires "Channeled Stitching" all other options compatible EXCLUDING "Goodyear Welt Replacement" is NOT compatible

Molded Sole Style: Must be evaluated prier to ordering. Please message through email, Instagram, Facebook or stop by.

Stitch Down Style: Requires additional charge upon inspection. Please message through email, Instagram, Facebook or stop by.

This service includes:

  • Vibram 1012 full soles
  • New composite midsole in matching color unless specified 
  • New cork inlay (as needed)
  • Basic shine and buff
  • Minor Welt repair (as needed)
  • Minor Heel Base repair (as needed)
  • We will match thread color as close as possible to the original unless another option is requested.

Service notes:

  • 1-year warranty on our work (materials may have separate manufacturer warranties).
  • 3-5 weeks turnaround time upon receiving your shoes.
  • Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping their shoes to our store. Shipping instructions will be provided on your order confirmation email.
  • Return shipping options and costs will be shown at checkout.
  • Service prices may increase after we receive your shoes and complete an in-person inspection.

Unfortunately, we cannot always determine the condition of your shoes until we have them in our possession. Sometimes shoes have more damage than normal wear and tear and thus require a more involved and expensive repair. If we determine more work is needed at an additional charge, we will contact you to discuss before any work is performed.

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