Angelus #802 Spot Remover

Angelus #802 Spot Remover

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Spot Remover has been used by cobblers and shoe shiners for a long time.

It is a stronger solvent based liquid cleaner that helps pretreat stains to remove a number of oils, inks and other stains.

This is a stronger cleaner so not recommended for delicate leathers without experience with leather care.

Test before using in a spot thats not to visible.


Uses on leather or skin types:

Exotic Leathers and Skins- Not recommended without experience or testing first. Ask for recommendation on type of skin being used.

Finished Leather- Works great on finished leathers.

Oiled Leather- Works on oiled leather but let dry well before conditioning.

Shell Cordovan- Not recommended do to being solent based.

Suede or Nubuck- Not Recommended may cause permanent damage.


Note: Can be used on shoes, boots, bags and other leather goods.

Do not scrub hard unless planing to touch up dye. This product will remove original dye if scrubbing hard.