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Sole Protectors (Christian Louboutin)
Sole Protectors (Christian Louboutin)
Sole Protectors (Christian Louboutin)

Sole Protectors (Christian Louboutin)

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One of the defining features of Christian Louboutin shoes and boots are the bright and shiny red soles. Unfortunately, they wear out quickly and do not look great for that long. We offer three options to help keep the bottom of your shoes red much longer than the original soles. Our first choice is the Casali Mirror because it most closely matches the original shiny red sole color. In addition, we offer GTO and Vibram because they are more durable and offer a little more traction. All are great choices based on your individual need. We also have them in black just in case you need a change from the original red

Many of our customers enjoy the feel of leather soles but want the durability of rubber ones. A great option is to add rubber sole protectors to leather soled shoes. They are available from 2mm to 8mm thicknesses for the glued-on style, make your soles last longer, and add more grip to your shoes. Sole protectors are installed on the area of the sole that touches the ground when you walk. For this service, we only glue the sole protectors because we think it is more than strong enough and makes future replacement less expensive because the shoe will not need to be stitched again adding additional cost. We also replace the heel toplift with one that best matches the sole protector. Please note that sole protectors can only be added to new, or very lightly used, leather soled shoes.

For a more detailed description of sole protectors, please watch this video from our “Sole Talk Sunday” series:

This service includes:

  •  Rubber Sole Protectors (glued-on for easier and less expensive replacement)
  • New heel-toplift (If there is no matching option, we will choose a suitable alternative)
  • We will color match sole edging and sole stain as close as possible to the original.
  • Light shine and buff
  • If you are ordering sole protectors for an exiting pair of leather soled shoes, please choose “Yes” under the matching toplift drop-down menu so the correct price will be added to your order.
  • If you are ordering sole protectors in addition to a full leather resole, please choose “No” under the matching toplift drop-down menu because they are already included in your resole service.

Service notes:

  •  1-year warranty on our work (materials may have separate manufacturer warranties).
  • 2-4 weeks turnaround time upon receiving your shoes.
  • Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping their shoes to our store. Shipping instructions will be provided on your order confirmation email.
  • Return shipping options and costs will be shown at checkout.
  • Service prices may increase after we receive your shoes and complete an in-person inspection.

Unfortunately, we cannot always determine the condition of your shoes until we have them in our possession. Sometimes shoes have more damage than normal wear and tear and thus require a more involved and expensive repair. If we determine more work is needed at an additional charge, we will contact you to discuss before any work is performed.

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