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Color Change Dye Job Oiled Leather

Color Change Dye Job Oiled Leather

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Sometimes you don't like the color of a pair of shoes or boots or have wanted something custom that no one else has.

Marcus Fisher can do from the most basic dye job to one of a kind.


This option includes:

  • Deep Clean to remove oils and salts
  • Removal of polish and waxes
  • Strip original dye pigment
  • Dye with color of choice
  • Condition
  • Cream Polish (If needed)
  • Waxing (If needed)
  • Waterproofing (If needed)

Please contact us or Marcus to talk over what you want done and for pricing.

Price may change due to specialty colors, odd color change, material not properly specified, additional damage or other resins. We will contact you before dye process begins if such price changes come up.


This option of shine can be added to any repair option, mailed in, dropped off in person or done at our shine stand.

By Marcus Fisher


Prices on services may change upon inspection in person do to unexpected damages or added requests. In this case we will contact you with more details.

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