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Factory Red Wing Re-Craft

Factory Red Wing Re-Craft

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We are proud to say we have partnered with Red Wing to provide factory type Red Wing Re-crafting. This option is exclusive to Red Wing Footwear.

The Red Wing Factory Re-craft option is to repair and resole your Red Wing footwear to get you back on track. Using all the same soles and parts that were used to build your boots we will restore them to as original as possible. 

Included with this service package:

  • Resole/Heel with the same or similar soles
  • Repair broken hooks/eyelets
  • Repair minor stitching
  • Replacement laces
  • Recondition the leather

For specialty sole requests or other sole options please check our other resole options as this re-craft option is EXCLUSIVE to our partnership with Red Wing

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