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Four Seasons Horse Hair Small Dauber Brushes

Four Seasons Horse Hair Small Dauber Brushes

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The Four Seasons Brushes are a very well made horse hair brush designed very much like the old Five Star brushes that are no longer made.

At a great price and well made we personally use these brushes in our shop, at events, at home and in our videos.

Horse hair brushes are a must to clean off dust and dirt, restore a shine, bring out a shine, apply polish and more.


If you are wondering about why the deferent colors, sizes or styles be sure to check out our video.


In short:

Color of brush is to have 1 of each 1 for dark colors and 1 for light colors. Over time you may end up with one for each color and thats alright (we have that for our personal use as well)

Size or shapes of brushes depend on what you need it for or what you like so be sure to check out the video link above.

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