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Replace Women’s Heel Toplift – width 1” to 2”

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We all know women's high heels look amazing but when a heel is damaged it can make even a $1,000 pair of shoes look horrible.

This option is to replace heels that are 1 inch to 2 inches with 2 options that we will match colors and style on.

First option just dowel pin heels or top lift that has little to no other damage and light buffing.

Second option for more damaged heels that need some heel wrap gluing, filler, color touch up or build ups done.

For other heel options, question or extreme damages please contact us before with images. As well as for special requests.


Additional details:

  • Turn around time 1-2 weeks upon receiving or we can try to work with your schedule as best we can.
  • 2 month Guarantee on our work do to lady's heels being delicate 
  • Customer is responsible for shipping their shoes to our store and calculated cost of return shipping (Shipping options available at check out)
  • Instructions for shipping your shoes will be found on your order confirmation email.
  • Prices on services may change upon inspection in person do to unexpected damages or added requests. In this case we will contact you with more details.

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