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Red Wing Heel Repair WHOLE Heel Style
Red Wing Heel Repair WHOLE Heel Style
Red Wing Heel Repair WHOLE Heel Style
Red Wing Heel Repair WHOLE Heel Style
Red Wing Heel Repair WHOLE Heel Style

Red Wing Heel Repair WHOLE Heel Style

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A shoe’s heel is made up of two parts; the heel-base is often made from leather for comfort, and the heel-toplift is often made from rubber for durability. The base is an important part of a shoe’s structure whereas the toplift is designed to take the abuse from walking and be replaced. The best way to maintain the heel base and minimize repair costs is to replace the toplift when it wears down but before you wear into the base and damage it.

Shoe manufacturers have been known to use lesser quality paper (or scrap leather) particle-board heel bases, and sometimes even plastic ones, as a cost saving measure. Unfortunately, these other materials do not last as long as multi-layered full leather heel bases. We have seen cheaper quality heel bases get damaged beyond repair during normal use by our customers and often they simply disintegrate when we recraft shoes.

We offer multi-layer full leather heel-bases whether you need to replace a damaged one or want an upgrade to extend the life of your shoes. The pre-built Cobblers Plus house leather heel base is an excellent choice because it is better quality than almost every other one available on new shoes. If you want the absolute best sole leather available, we also offer a custom-built for your shoes JR Rendenbach leather heel-base. As part of this service, we also replace the heel-toplift and offer several options.

For a more detailed description of a full sole, heel base, and toplift replacement, please view this video from our YouTube channel:

(feel free to skip to 36:00 if you only want to watch the heel base and toplift portion)

This service includes:

  • New heel-toplift
  • Light shine and buff
  • We will color match sole edging as close as possible to the original.
  • V-cleats, special nailing patterns, and other customizations will be an additional charge.
Service notes:
  • 1-year warranty on our work (materials may have separate manufacturer warranties).
  • 1-3 weeks turnaround time upon receiving your shoes.
  • Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping their shoes to our store. Shipping instructions will be provided on your order confirmation email.
  • Return shipping options and costs will be shown at checkout.
  • Service prices may increase after we receive your shoes and complete an in-person inspection.

Unfortunately, we cannot always determine the condition of your shoes until we have them in our possession. Sometimes shoes have more damage than normal wear and tear and thus require a more involved and expensive repair. If we determine more work is needed at an additional charge, we will contact you to discuss before any work is performed.

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