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Swedish Bath Deep DEEP Cleaning Men's
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Swedish Bath Deep DEEP Cleaning Men's

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Sometimes a standard cleaning just wont cut it but using harsh chemicals is not a good idea.

A Swedish Bath will help do an extremely deep cleaning to help remove salt (the white marks), oils, dirt, mud and a number of other things that keep your shoes and boots from looking nice.

This wash will submerge your footwear in a bath of a solvent free cleaning solution for 12-48 hours depending on the type of material after scrubbing down will dry for 24-48 hours and will be examined for if needed a repeat wash.

After the full wash a full treatment will be performed to treat the type of leather it is using the products that match.


This wash option includes:

  • Deep Swedish Wash
  • Dry Scrub
  • Shaping in Shoe Trees
  • Upper Treatment us products to match the leather

This option can be added to any repair option, mailed in, dropped off in person or done at our shine stand.

By Marcus Fisher


Prices on services may change upon inspection in person do to unexpected damages or added requests. In this case we will contact you with more details.

Due to some stains we can do our best to improve the leather but can not guarantee how much. Some cases may be perfect others may just be much better than before the treatment. 

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